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Suao Cold Spring is a scenic spot located in Su-ao, Yilan, Taiwan. It's famous for cold(lower than 22'C) carbonic acid spring.

You can find this kind of unique spring only in Italy and Suao


In the early time, the locals think the cold spring is poisonous. Until one day in Japenese Occupation Era (A.D.1892),a Japenese soldier Takenaka Shinkage (竹中信景) felt thirsty when his troop was marching near Mt.Qili (七里山) .He felt energetic when he saw the spring and drank.Takenaka was very curious about this spring.

Many years passed, Takenaka moved to Suao Town (蘇澳鎮) and was beginning his research about the composition of the cold spring. The results of his research confirmed that the cold spring is not poisonous. The cold spring can also make the drinks and soda waters. Marble Soda (also called Namune, 彈珠汽水) made by Suao cold spring is very famous in Taiwan.

Cold spring is also confirmed special curative effect.


There must be 2 key elements to form a cold spring. First, it must has plentiful ground water. Second, There must be a rock stratum which can produce a lot of CO2.

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Traffic Information


Take Provincial Road 2 (along the coastal highway, 濱海公路) to Toucheng(頭城). Turn at Provincial Road 9 passing through Jiaosi (礁溪),Yilan (宜蘭), Luodong(羅東), and Dongshan(冬山)to Suao,

The sight lies near Provincial Road 9Jhongshan Rd.中山路 in Su-ao), which continues though Suao south and north. Take Provincial Road 2 (the coastal highway) past the Suao port where the roads intersect.

If you drive from Taipei, take National Highway No.5 (The Taipei-Yilan Freeway, 北宜高速公路) south. Get off the free way from Su-ao Interchange and follow the direction to Provincial Road 9(台九線).


Take the North Railway Line(北迴鐵路) directly to the Suao station, or to the new Suao station to rent vehicles or scooters