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Experience Sharing/Aphaia

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

I was in Boston conference. It was really a fascinating experience ... stimulate presentations, friendly and hot discussions in many themes around the project. The best part of conference was however for me interactions with numerous Wikipedians whom I had only known on the Net. It was nice to hug and smile each other who have only knows virtually for years and heart-warming to learn they were exactly alike what I'd imagined they were. Talking on the lunch table about organisational things was far more convenience than email exchanging and IRC discussion, even sometimes language hazard became a problem. It was great to have a time for sitting with friends for hours to talk about several concerns about the project, specially those who have been daily working with, and know what was their motivation to work on this project; it is in my opinion to equal with knowing what is the sources of our strength.