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Near the Venue

  • Shilin Night Market: Located next to the MRT Danshui (Red) Line Jiantan Station. It is about a 5~10 minute walk from the venue.

Danshui, Guandu

Sunset at Danshui

Danshui, filled with historical spots like Fort Santo Domingo, was the largest business port in Taiwan. After the MRT Danshui Line opened, the old main street became a major tourist destination always filled with people during the holidays. A-gei(derived from abura-age, the Japanese term for "oily tofu") and Iron Eggs are the most famous street foods here.

Transportation:Take the MRT Danshui Line (Red Line) and get off at the northernmost terminal. The journey from Taipei Main Station takes about 26 mins, and costs about NT$40.
  • Danshui Old Street: Walk to Zhongzhen road from the MRT Danshui Station.
  • Danshui River Cycling Path: Along the river bank
  • Fort Santo Domingo: Walk along Zhongzhen road from MRT Danshui Station
  • Fisherman's Wharf
Tamshui (Danshui) Fisherman's Wharf is one of the important tourist spots at Tamsui(Danshui Township). It was originally the "Tamsui Second Fishing Port", an important fishery harbor in the early history of northern Taiwan. Under a diversification program, this place was modernized and opened for tourism. It is well-known for its beautiful sunset and the fresh fishing goods. Sightseeing, leisure facilities, and ferry service are provided here.
Transportation:Get off at the MRT Danshui Station, and then walk along the river bank to catch the ferry at the ferry terminal. Or take the Bus No. R1 at the MRT Station.
Transportation:Get off at the MRT Danshui Station, and then take the ferries (about 40 mins) before transfering to bus R13. Alternatively, board R13 at the MRT Guandu Station.
  • Guandu, and the Hongshulin Mangroves Marshlands
View of the National Palce Museum in distance

Shilin, Beitou, Tianmu

The National Palace Musuem was originally located in the Forbbiden City in Beijing. In 1949, however, it moved to Taipei when the Kuomintang-dominated Republic of China Government retreated to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War. Many of those cultrual treasures, which were once stored in Southern China to avoid the Japanese army during World War II, are now here in Waishuangxi, Taipei. The museum has more than 65,5000 pieces of artifacts and treasures orignating from theYuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties of China. The NPM is the must-stop for the exploration of Chinese culture.
Transportation:Get off at the MRT Danshui Line (Red Line) Shilin Station; transfer to Bus 255, R30, 304 or hail a taxi.
Yangminshan, so called Yangmin Mountain, is one of the National Parks of Taiwan. It was named the "Grass Mountain" before renamed in memory of Ming Dynasty educationist, Wang Yangming. The park is formed up with montanes involving the mountain of Datun(大屯山), Qixin(七星山), and Shamao(Seven Star/紗帽山). And it is famous for its vocano landscape. Inside the park set severl spots like Hsiaoyoukeng(Xiaoyoukun as Hanyu?) Walking Area, Lengshuikeng, Tatun(Datun) Natural Park, Chingteingang(Qingtiangang), Butterfly Corridor, Chutzuhu(Zhuzi lake) Village, and some ecological preserved areas only for researches.
Transportation:Take bus R5 at the stop of "MRT Jiantan Station" on the Gihe Rd(基河路). And you can proceed to the Metropolis Bus Services Terminal Station, where is only a walk distance to the Yangming Park. You may take 108休閒 Bus to many other spots.
The Shilin Night Market is perhaps Taiwan's primer and most popular night market. Every need can be fulfilled including food or shoppimg as well as entertainment. Most distinguished Taiwanese street food along with Shilin's specails can be found here such as Shilin Jumbo susage, Squid thick soup, Fried chicken steak(especailly the "Hauda dajipai" that is famous for its large size), Fried buns, Oyster omelet, Small bun wrapped in large bun, Douhua, Jioufen-featured Hongcao Ba-wan.....etc. Despite eating, shopping could also be an exciting activity here. Thanks to the vendors with various kinds of goods, you 'll anything you want from daily commodities like masks, socks to fashionable accouterments and in-style clothes. You can also enjoy the happiness of a successful bargain experience here even though the original price was alredy low. If you cannot find your own way, just follow the others! This is the best way to find out the fashion!
Transportation:Get off at MRT Jiantan Station.
  • Beitou Hot Spring: MRT Xinbeitou Station
  • Shunyi Museum of Formosan Aborigines: Get off at the MRT Danshui Line (Red Line) Shilin Station then transfer to Bus 255, R30, or maybe call a taxi.
  • Liuligongfang Taipei International Gallery: MRT Shipai, take bus 220, 285, 508, 606, 612 to Qixian Building Stop.
  • National Taiwan Science Education Center: MRT Jiantan, take the shuttle bus at the station
  • Taipei Astronomical Museum: MRT Jiantan, take the shuttle bus at the station
  • National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine
  • Chien Mu Residence: MRT Jiantan, take bus 304 to Soochow University Stop
  • Linyutang Memorial Library: MRT Jiantan, take bus 260, 303, Minibus 15, 16 to Yongfu Stop
  • Zhangdaqian Memorial Hall: MRT Jiantan, take bus 304, Minibus 18, 19.
  • C.K.S.Shilin Residence: MRT Shilin, a 10-min walk to Fulin Rd.

Wanhua, Datong, Zhongzhen

Night of Ximending
Ximending is one of the most important commercial circles in Taipei. It got its name due to the location near the "Xi Men" (West Gate) of former Taipei City. The area's development started in the Japanese Colonicial Period when Japanese planned this region to consist a commercial function. The Red House Theater is one of the early-established entertainment falicities. After generations, Ximending, boasting movie theaters and Japanese waves shops, became the very own base of trend-conscious young people. Specialties are inclusive of "A-zong vermicelli"(阿宗麵線) and "Laotianlu Braised Food"(老天祿滷味).
Transportation: Get off at MRT Ximen Station of Banan(Blue) Line and Xiaonanmen Branch Line. Use the Exit 6.
  • National Museum of History:CKS Memorial Hall Station, Danshui Line(Red Line). Use Exit 1 then take a 5 minute walk along Nanhai Road(南海路).
  • Customs Museum:
  • Postal museum: MRT CKS Memorial Hall, then walk along Nanhai Road
  • Xiahai City God Temple:
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei: MRT Zhongshan, a 3-min walk to Changan W. Rd.
  • Spot-Taipei Film House: MRT Zhongshan Station
  • Taipei Eye: MRT Minquan W. Road Station
  • Taipei Story House: MRT Yuanshan Station
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum: MRT Yuanshan
  • Lin Antai Historical Home: MRT Yuanshan Station, cross the Zhongshan N. Rd. and take a 30-min walk
  • Confucius Temple: MRT Yuanshan Station, a 10-min walk
  • Baoan Temple: MRT Yuanshan Station, a 12-min walk
  • Dr. S.Y.S. Memorial House( Not the same as the Hall): MRT Taipei Main Station
  • Huashan Cultural and Creative Industry Center: MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station
Bao An Temple
Daan, Songshan
  • East District(東區) Circle
While technically not one of Taipei's twelve administrative districts, the East District generally refers to the area east of Fuxing South Road, which has been in constant development since the 1950's. The East District Circle usually means the portion of Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) starting from the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing station and ending at the MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall station. The Wellcome Plaza (頂好廣場), Tonlin Department Store (統領百貨), the Pacific SOGO Department Store, as well as numerous restaurants, boutiques, jewelry stores, and brand stores are found either in this circle or in the neighboring roads and alleyways.
Depending on the context, the term "East District" could also specifically indicate the Xinyi District. See the subsection on Xinyi District for details.
Transportation:Get off at either the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing(忠孝復興站) station, the MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua(忠孝敦化) station, or the MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station . There is a underground mall between the Zhongxiao Dunhua Station and the Zhongxiao Fuxing Station.
At the intersection of Xinyi Road, section 2(信義路二段), and the Yongkan street(永康街) located numerous famous restaurants for their distinguish foods such as shaved ice and Xiaolongbao. There are also lots of clothes boutiques, coffe shop, and accessory stores.
Transportation: MRT for this area is now under construcrion. You may take the buses. Almost every bus drives through Xinyi Road(信義路) has a stop for it called "Xinyi yongkan Intersection"(信義永康街口).
  • Raohe Street Night Market: MRT Taipei City Hall, take bus 203, 276, 311 and get off at Songshan Stop
  • Wufenpu Ready-made Clothes Shopping Area: MRT Houshanpi, a 8-min walk
  • Living Mall: Take the Living Mall Shuttle Bus at MRT SYS Memorial Hall, Zhongxiao Dunhua, and Zhongxiao Fuxing
  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
  • Breeze Centre: MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station

Xinyi, Nangang, Neihu

Under the fast development of Taipei during the past 25 years, Xinyi District grew rapidly. Now it has becam the so-called "Taipei Manhattan" with plenty of high-raised commercial buildings and shopping centres. After the joining of Vieshow Cinema Center and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store, it now even bacame the most popular place-to-go during the weekend for citizen and foreigners. Many scenes of the Taiwanese drama can also be found here.

  • Taipei101
  • Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store-Hsinyi New Life Square
  • Discovery Center of Taipei
  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  • Taipei World Trade Center (The Taipei Computer Applications Show will coincide with Wikimania)
  • Vieshow Cinema Center
  • Miramar Shopping Mall
Wenshan, Xindian, Wulai

Shenkeng, Pinglin

  • Shengkeng Old Street
  • Pinglin Tea Plantations

Zhonghe, Yonghe

  • Museum of World Religions

The North Coast

  • Ju Ming Museum
  • Yeliu

Further Information

For more information, you may visitTaipei Travel Net or The Tourism Bureau.

You may also contact Travel Information Service Centers located at the following locations:

  • Taipei Main(Railway) Station
  • Banqiao Railway Station
  • Taipei Songshan Domestic Airport
  • MRT Beitou, Jiantan, Ximen, Zhongxiao Fuxing, Danshui, and Xindian Station