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Tôi tên là Chuck Smith. Tôi thích cả hai dịp Wikimania trước đây. Tôi nghĩ là dịp Frankfurt tuyệt lắm, tại vì tôi mãi được gặp với các người Wikipedia tích cực lần đầu tiên. Ở đấy tôi lại còn được nhận chức nghiên cứu về wiki tại một trường đại học, và hiện nay tôi làm công nghệ wiki cutting-edge mỗi ngày… Đọc tiếp…

My name is Damian and I'm from Venezuela, in South America, I attended (sp) WM06 in Boston and had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

At first I was a little scared, I was in a foreign country and I literally didn't know a single person, being alone in the middle of Boston/Cambridge was a little weird, but in a fun way. Read more...

Cormaggio: I've enjoyed both Wikimanias immensely - it's just such a buzz to meet people face to face that you previously only knew through online contact (often not knowing their identities at all). And having that number of Wikimedians in one place is just awe-inspiring ..... Read More..

Aphaia: I was in Boston conference. It was really a fascinating experience ... It was great to have a time for sitting with friends for hours to talk about several concerns about the project, specially those who have been daily working with, and know what was their motivation to work on this project; it is in my opinion to equal with knowing what is the sources of our strength. Read more...

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