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Presenters/Dominick Chen

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2007. (Index of presentations)

Dominick Chen

AffiliationCreative Commons Japan, Public Lead
Dominick Chen
Dominick Chen

Born 1981 in Tokyo. C-shirt project organizer & Ximer evangelist. Originally from a Media Arts & Design and Contemporary Arts study background, is currently leading research in massive micro creativity through online media technology as a Fellow Researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at the University of Tokyo, Initiative in Interdisciplinary Information studies (iii). Also committing for a freer Internet culture as the Public Lead of the NPO Creative Commons Japan in the field of digital rights expression, and served as member of the International Advisory Committee for Ars Electronica 2007's Digital Community category. Parallel and on-going projects include: - HIVE, the open video archive for NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] [link: http://hive.ntticc.or.jp] - DIVVY/dual: open-ended art practice platform [link: http://divvydual.org]

- pri/pro: electronic circuit developed by Ryota Kuwakubo [link: http://pripro.org]